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作者: ckleea    時間: 2015-5-13 09:40     標題: [Raspberry Pi/Pi2] - Raspbian netinstaller

Raspbian (minimal) unattended netinstaller

The minimal Raspbian unattended netinstaller for Raspberry Pi Model 1B, 1B+ and 2B.

This project provides Raspbian power users the possibility to install a minimal base system unattended using latest Raspbian packages regardless when the installer was built.

The installer with default settings configures eth0 with DHCP to get Internet connectivity and completely wipes the SD card from any previous installation.

There are different kinds of "presets" that define the default packages that are going to be installed. Currently, the default one is called server which installs only the essential base system packages including NTP and OpenSSH to provide a sane minimal base system that you can immediately after install ssh in and continue installing your software.

Other presets include minimal which has even less packages (no logging, no text editor, no cron) and base which doesn't even have networking. You can customize the installed packages by adding a small configuration file to your SD card before booting up.

completely unattended, you only need working Internet connection through the Ethernet port
DHCP and static ip configuration (DHCP is the default)
always installs the latest version of Raspbian
configurable default settings
extra configuration over HTTP possible - gives unlimited flexibility
installation takes about 15 minutes with fast Internet from power on to sshd running
can fit on 512MB SD card, but 1GB is more reasonable
default install includes fake-hwclock to save time on shutdown
default install includes NTP to keep time
/tmp is mounted as tmpfs to improve speed
no clutter included, you only get the bare essential packages
option to install root to USB drive

a Raspberry Pi Model 1B, Model 1B+ or Model 2B
SD card of at least 640MB or at least 128MB for USB root install (without customization)
working Ethernet with Internet connectivity
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Asterisk Codec
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Switchfin GUI
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作者: edmond25    時間: 2015-8-13 00:51

包含 G729 ?

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