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標題: 新手spa9000分机求教 [打印本頁]

作者: ccm0101    時間: 2016-4-15 14:29     標題: 新手spa9000分机求教

我有台spa9000, 已经把voip电话设定成功了也使用了linksys的软件把分机设定了,可是分机无法互打,我是用x-lite软件和安装在两台电脑,软件也注册成功了,分机号是101和102,打给对方时有呼叫的电话声音,对方的x-lite没反应,不久就进去了linksys spa9000的ivr菜单里面,ivr的指示说可以按分机号码,我按了对方分机号码后,ivr说我输入的分机号错误。请问哪里出现了问题,还是我设定错了?
作者: Shenzhen_on9    時間: 2016-10-27 21:14

I used SPA9000 at home, and I don't find major issues.  

I have a phone connecting to the FXS1 port (ext. 100). I am using other Android Softphone Media5 Fone to connect to SPA9000 (ext. 110, 111, 112, etc) for making outgoing calls.

The incoming call will ring the phone on FXS port without using AA.  

I am not sure about your issue. Since my environment is home, it is not so important for internal calling.  We just want to share the line for making external calls.

In your case, can you make outgoing call on 101 and 102 to external line ?? Do you experience one-way audio ??
作者: ccm0101    時間: 2017-2-21 11:15

回復 2# Shenzhen_on9

    hi, bro. can you share you spa9000 setting to me?

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